Bristol Gateway School

Bristol Gateway School

Together we can Achieve

Vision and Values

Throughout the Woodway Federation we believe that all young people deserve and have the right to an outstanding education. We want to be part of the integrated and joined-up solution to providing an excellent provision meeting the needs of those who are missing out in mainstream schools in Bristol, and will shape the educational landscape for our most vulnerable group of students.


Our Key Principles:


1)      High aspirations and expectations for staff and students.

2)      Outstanding teaching and learning from experienced and well-qualified staff, developing innovative and leading edge strategies.

3)      An inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum with personalised pathways.

4)      An environment where students are safe and build their self-esteem and confidence.

5)      Partnership working.

6)      Developing learning and skills for life.


 You can read more in our Policies section




We are part of the Gateway Community where we have the following beliefs:

- We are all different and we are all valued and we all belong.

- Intelligence, character, behaviour and the future can all be changed. They are malleable.

- We have more control over our future than we think.

- We need to want to change or grow.

- Effort is essential.

- Dreams can be achieved but there will be obstacles.

- In order to succeed, we need to learn to fail and to learn from our mistakes. We need to take risks with our learning. Learning takes place though challenge. Some things are tough. We need that to grow.

- Asking for help is a strength. We are a team.

- Problems are solved through talking and thinking rationally.

- Kindness makes us happy and the world a better place. We are social animals.

- Bad events and failure are transitory. They happen.  They will pass and they can make us stronger.

- Sometimes we have to go backwards to go forwards.

- You can see everything differently.

We can climb mountains!

We believe that these are key skills for success in life:

Persistence / Effort