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Bristol Gateway School

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The Woodway Federation believes in providing a welcoming, comfortable, accessible environment that is safe and easy to use for students, their parents/carers and relatives, staff and other visitors and users of the school premises. The school believes that the accessibility of school buildings is a critical issue, especially for people with a disability. In this respect, the school understands that entrances and exits need to balance welcome and ease of access with the need to control access and ensure safety and adequate levels of security.

We are committed to providing equal access to all school facilities and the school recognises that Equality Act 2010 requires employers to make “reasonable adjustments” for disabled people. To comply with these aspects of the law, and to provide full access as stated above, this school has put measures in place that identify barriers to access:

1. Prioritisation of disability access issues in the school maintenance system.
2. Adaptations include:  
3. The provision of disabled parking bays close to the building 
4. The fitting of covered ramps and slopes to replace stairs and steps where appropriate
5. The fitting of suitable grab rails and handrails 
6. The fitting of lifts and door opening systems 
7. The provision of intercom security systems where necessary 
8. The widening of doorways to ensure wheelchair access 
9. The removal of door steps or barriers 
10.The removal of furniture or fittings that block wheelchair access  a review of floor surfaces and coverings to make them slip and trip free 
11. A review of signage to ensure that students and visitors know where they are and how to get to their destination 
12. The provision of flat, safe paths leading from the car park.