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Bristol Gateway School Film Club - Inaugural Visit

22nd May 2015

Last week six students and two members of staff from Bristol Gateway School visited the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol for a screening of the film ‘Girlhood’ (Bande de Filles). Set in Paris, the story follows a group of teenage girls of African heritage as they attempt to navigate through their school and family lives. Growing up in the social housing estates in the suburbs (banlieues) around the edge of the city, they must find ways to deal with the different challenges they face growing up black, female and working class in modern France.

This was the first event organised by BGS Film Club and the students, from Years 10, 11 and 12, joined pupils from a number of other schools in the city at the screening. This was a fairly long film in French (and therefore with subtitles) in an unfamiliar environment but our students were able to focus on the story, enjoying several instances when the experiences of the characters echoed their own.

BGS Film Club hopes to build on this activity in the future, encouraging and enhancing students’ appreciation of cultures and different life experiences through film.


Mrs Christine Harper

Mr Simon Duckett