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Teen Tech Day

8th October 2015

On Thursday 8th October some of our students were selected to attend the Teen Tech Day at Gloucestershire Cricket club - They have described their experiences below;

Thursday 8th October 2015

On Thursday 8th of October we attended Teen Tech science day at Bristol cricket ground. There we joined 30 other schools in completing many tasks. It was a really interesting day we learnt how to put a stick inside a balloon, and we learnt how to control a robot and we also had to build a long stick to take a red wire out of a bomb. My favourite thing was the TV but it had a PlayStation built in to it and I was playing a car game and it was really good. There were lots of stalls there and here are some good ideas like Samsung, oxford brook university , Qinetic and airbus which was really interesting because we designed a interior of a plane, we also created our own product of kinetic armour.