Bristol Gateway School

Bristol Gateway School

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OFSTED Report April 2015
Summary of key findings for parents and students


This is a good school.

. Students make good progress and achieve well in a range of subjects. The school prepares them
well for the next stages education or training after they leave.

. Teaching is good. Staff convey high expectations to students of progress and behaviour. Teachers
and teaching assistants work closely together. New work, including any new vocabulary, is
carefully introduced so that students grow in confidence as they come to understand it.

. Behaviour is good in lessons, contributing strongly to the progress of the students. Around school,
students also behave well. Students feel safe and express confidence in being able to speak to staff
if anything is worrying them.

. Leadership and management at all levels, including governance, is good. The different skills of the
senior leadership team combine well to drive the school forward. Consequently, the school has
improved achievement, teaching, and students’ behaviour and safety since the previous inspection.
. Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is encouraged well through good relationships
between students and staff, and through a range of activities, including visits.

. Governors bring a very wide range of skills and knowledge to bear on their work. They know the school well, vigorously holding to account the leaders and managers.


It is not yet an outstanding school because

. Although improving, attendance is still lower than that of special schools nationally.

. Sometimes, teachers do not set work at the right level for students of different abilities, and on
occasion, the pace of learning inhibits progress.


A full copy of the report can be found attached.