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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care at Bristol Gateway School

Pastoral Care is at the heart of school life at BGS, working in the background to support students to reach their full potential educationally, physically, mentally and socially.

We want all students that attend BGS to feel valued and secure at school.

Tutors play a big part in a supportive role meeting with students at the start and end of their day at their designated tutor base.

Tutors will often be your first point of contact to discuss how your child is getting on.

Tutors also work in partnership with Link workers and Learning Mentors 

The role of Link worker/Mentor at BGS is a changing role to meet the needs of students, parents/carers, working closely with Sarah Groves (SENCo) and multi-agency groups to enhance quality in service.

This includes working both on and off site with students that have a barrier to learning.

Barriers to learning.

A barrier to learning is any factor that prevents a student from being in a suitable/emotional, physical or psychological state to engage in their lesson and learn.

Some examples of these barriers are.

*Low self esteem

*Lack of self confidence

*Relationship difficulties

*Lack of social skills

*Medical needs

*Absence from school

*Lateness to school

*Felling vulnerable


*Family difficulties