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What is the student council?

School Council

Bristol Gateway School is passionate about promoting student voice and the Council is a group of students who are elected to represent the views of all pupils with one overarching aim:


To improve our school!


How were we formed?  We were established in 2013. Every year we will hold school council elections. Each year group will have an opportunity to stand as a candidate for a position on the council. Each year group can have up to 4 elected representatives.

The council elect officers for the following positions:

  • Chair

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

    What makes us a GOOD council?  We represent the views of all students and get things done!

    Here are some of the reasons which make our council so good:

  • We hold regular meetings

  • Our council is not too big

  • We hold weekly working groups

  • We communicate well between representatives and the rest of the school

  • We have subcommittees who work on specific events or issues

  • We have a small budget

  • We evaluate our progress!


    Do we get anything done?

    YES! We certainly do!

    School menu changes: Students wanted to have more variety available to them at school lunch times, we worked with the catering department to redesign the school menu based on a survey across the school.

    Aesthetics of the school: Students emailed SLT and governors about the school looking ‘tatty’ and ‘tired’ and over the summer there have been new carpets, new windows, fresh paint and a new security system installed

    Launched an anti-bullying campaign:  Members went on training to help reduce/eliminate bullying.

    Raising money for the school: We organised a summer fete… the first ever fete at Bristol Gateway School! We raised approx. £700 for school equipment!

    School House System: This is now fully in effect and it is encouraging friendly rivalry between the houses and encouraging the students to work together across the year groups.

    Campaigning for a new school uniform and Logo…this is now fully integrated into the school and we have a brand new uniform and logo which we can take pride in.


    So as you can see, we do have a voice and our opinions matter. It feels great to be part of something which really works to make change happen!