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Hall of Fame

We believe that everyday our students are capable of achieving their best, whether that’s academically, physically, socially or emotionally. Great things don’t come from comfort zones, but pushing the boundaries beyond previous expectations. 

And by celebrating success and building on success just imagine where you will be if you did something every day. “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday” 

This section is a highlight of student personal bests. They are capable of amazing things, see for yourself in the hall of fame!
In year 9 VIP we have been exploring "Me" and what makes us the person that we are.

Year 10 have just embarked on their 2 year GCSE Citizenship journey. In term 1, we explored ideas about living together in the UK and as Global citizens – the students have been looking at what makes a community and questioning concepts and values such as cohesion, diversity and democracy. Students tackled a GCSE question early on in the course with excellent results!

In year 7 we have been learning about using time through clocks and calendars.  We have learnt a poem to help us work out how many days there are in each month and have written it up in our best handwriting.