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Year 7,8 and 9 Catering

In KS3 we have decided to cook on a project basis as part of the creative rotation. Students cook for one term in the year.  


Year 9 Far Away Places. Students cook more complex dishes from all over the world including Asia, India, North America, Africa, Middle East and South America. They explore regional flavour combinations and exotic ingredients.

Year 8 ‘Bel cibo italiano’ ‘Beautiful Italian Food’. Students explore Italian cooking, learning about anti pasta, Il primo, Il secondo, Il dessert, Il dolce and of course pizza! They also explore other areas such as the geography of Italian cooking and key Italian words relating to food.

Year 7. Students learn the basics of how to cook healthy, homemade food from scratch. They develop an understanding of basic hygiene and safety requirements and learn cooking skills by cooking a wide variety of dishes.